Iran Nuclear…”Deal”?


I fell like I have waited long enough to participate in this debate. Actually, the fact that this is even a debate boggles my mind. The fact that this is referred to as a “deal” is shocking in itself. Since I am a history teacher I view moments like these through a unique lens. I would propose that when a nation comes to a crossroads such as this, we cannot afford to view it in any other way. I would greatly encourage our President, and his advisors, to take a refresher course on the history of appeasement. Appeasement is the process of giving concessions to someone else, generally with the hope of avoiding conflict. Ah yes…appeasing tyrants…that always secures safety in the world. Sarcasm aside here is a hypothetical conversation. Check out the video first.

Person 1: What about World War II? Appeasement certainly didn’t work between the British and Hitler! They gave him the Rhineland, Austria, the Sudetenland, and allowed him to defy every aspect of the Treaty of Versailles, in hopes he wouldn’t go any further. Just ask Poland how that worked out. So why then does our government think it’ll work now with Iran?

Person 2: Well that was different. You can’t compare Iran with Nazi Germany. I mean, Hitler wanted to dominate the world and wipe out entire groups of people. No government in the world today is that evil.

Person 1: Timeout! Iran has vowed on multiple occasions to eliminate Israel and all it’s people from the face of the earth.

Person 2: Those threats came mainly from the previous regime in Iran. This one is far more peaceful.

Person 1: Then why is Iran still on top of the list of nations that support international terrorism according to the US Department of State?

Person 2: Well this agreement limits Iran’s capabilities to develop nuclear weapons and doesn’t aid them in funding terrorists.

Person 1: Actually this “deal” gives Iran a lot of money and does not prevent them from developing nuclear weapons. In fact, they will get to investigate and monitor their own nuclear facilities to keep themselves accountable. Iran spends 65 percent of its defense budget on the IRGC, its elite paramilitary force that actively supports terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East. On top of all of that, Iran will receive and estimated $120 Billion in frozen assets immediately.


I could continue this conversation but I’m sure you get the picture. The point is this debate is more about a president “sticking to his guns” on a deal he didn’t even create and trying to rally enough democratic Senators to support “his deal”. The majority of our US Congress is against this deal. The only thing in doubt is whether they will be able to have a 2/3 vote to overturn Obama’s veto if that time comes. Recent polls show more Americans are against the deal than support it. Over 60% of Americans don’t trust Iran to uphold any agreement. Thirty percent more Americans believe Iran is getting the better end of the deal. Our government is supposed to be responsive to the people. If the only branch directly elected by the people (Congress) and the majority of the citizens of this country are against this deal, then why would our president not be against it also? I doubt he believes heart and soul that this deal is the best thing. I believe this is far more of an ego battle and a petty political party standoff. Darn those party politics.

I’m sorry. I really didn’t intend to get political. It just kind of happened. Check out the video below.

According to the polls previously mentioned 41% of those asked didn’t feel informed enough to have an opinion on this topic. That is a tragic stat. Perhaps tragic is a strong word but it is extremely disappointing. An uniformed public leads to an apathetic public which gives way to an inactive public. This is not an issue that we as citizens of this nation, and the world for that matter, cannot afford to be silent on. If we are truly a nation for the people as Lincoln once said,  (“…we here highly resolve — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”) then our people need to be heard. If you want your voice to be heard click on the links below. They are easy and practical ways to have a voice and possibly sway the outcome. Neither will take much time at all. Also, spread the word. Tell your friends and family. Use social media to raise awareness. This deal is dangerous, not just for Israel, but for everyone who is affected by international terrorism. In other words, the world is in greater danger by this deal.

Letting your Congressmen know your opinion

Sign a Petition


God bless you!


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