The Hypocrisy of Tolerance in America


Ah yes, bumper-sticker mania. Many a day have I been cruising down the road and noticed one of these labels on the rear bumper of a car. While I believe that the idea behind them are solid, the practice of many who fly the banner of tolerance in this country do so with exception clauses. Allow me to explain through a few examples of questions that are resulting from the tolerance movement.


Why are all religions and opinions encouraged to voice their views in this nation besides Christians and Jews? Why can a person choose a homosexual lifestyle as being okay but a person can’t believe that homosexuality is immoral, because if they do, it’ll result in having their businesses shut down for not condoning it? Why is it when the owner of Chick-fil-A exercised his First Amendment right to be open about his opposition to homosexual marriage and he was heavily criticized yet three mayors — from Chicago, Boston and Washington — retaliated by saying that they didn’t want Chick-fil-A’s business in their city but that isn’t viewed as discrimination? Why is it that Bruce Jenner receives an award for changing his gender and is hailed by the media but people are seen as bigots if they believe that is wrong and promote the idea that we are all created by God to be the gender that He made us to be?  Why is that our nation is allowing Sharia Law in communities but people are demanding that the 10 commandments removed from public places and government buildings? Why is it that we can’t teach the virtues of abstinence and purity in schools but instead “safe sex” outside of marriage is promoted? Continuing on the topic of schools…why is the anti-God evolutionary theory (a theory constantly changing)  taught but a teacher gets ostracized if he promotes a pro-God concept of creation (a concept that has never changed)?  Why is it that people who support the death penalty for criminals who commit heinous crimes are deemed as hateful yet we are supposed to accept the murder of millions of babies a year through abortion because it’s a “choice”? More on that topic…why are people so outspoken for the rights of women to have an abortion but disregard the right of the baby to life?



Tolerance is defined as “the ability or willingness to endure something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.” The double standards in America are not only hypocritical but they are intolerant.The reality is that many people who promote tolerance should probably scratch out a couple letters on their bumper stickers because what I have been seeing in our modern society is a growing lack of tolerance. The people who hold to the Way , the Life, and the Truth, otherwise known as Jesus Christ, and His teachings, are being less and less tolerated and accepted. Everyone’s personal truth is acceptable in the public’s eye besides those who hold to the truths contained in the Bible, which happen to be the ones that this nation was founded on. I simply don’t understand why the “tolerant” one’s want to silence the voices of those bearing the greatest message of love, peace with God, and the ultimate sacrifice that this world has ever seen. I don’t understand why those bearing a message of purity, sanctity of marriage, standards of morality, and love and obedience to the God that created us are shunned by many in today’s America. Perhaps it’s because of our fallen nature. Perhaps it’s because we don’t want anyone, even God, telling us how to live our lives because, lets face it, that’s just intolerant. Sarcasm aside and regardless of the reason, if I am expected to be tolerant of people promoting values I don’t agree with than those same people should be tolerant of me when I stand for God’s truth and try to share the love of Christ with them.

Romans 5:8 “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”


God Bless!


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