Independence for All

The 4th of July is an incredible day in history, not just for American, but for the world. Because of the success of the American Revolution, the world was ignited into a century of rebellion against tyranny. Much of Latin America and France, engaged in their own epic struggles for freedom. No question, it is a day to be celebrated and remembered. 

However, the greatest independence was not declared in 1776, nor was the struggle waged by American colonists. The greatest invasion into the world of darkness happened over 2000 years ago, when God clothed Himself in human form and came to ransom His creation from the grips of evil, sin, and death. When Jesus Christ said, “it is Finished” before breathing His last breath on the cross, He was saying those who call on my name will forever be free of the power of sin! Just as the American colonists were declaring that they would no longer stand to be subjected to the will of their oppressors, so too does every child of God who says my place is with Christ and I belong to no other. Praise Jesus Christ that He has purchased our freedom at the greatest cost so that we can rise above despair and worry and live to a new hope. 

God bless brothers and sisters!

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

John 8:36


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